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Latex Versus Memory Foam

4 Reasons Why Latex Is A Better Material

Latex Mattresses Last Longer

Recovery Time Is Instant

You Won’t Feel Like You’re In A Hole

Memory Foam Gets Hot

Understand The Fallout Of Gel

The problem with gel memory foam is that it tends to break down rather quickly. As it breaks down, the mattress gets softer, which creates a hammock effect in the area where you sleep.

Over the years, we’ve sold both memory foam and latex, but the reason why we’ve switched to selling latex exclusively is that it lasts much longer and most people find it to be more comfortable.

Latex Offers Faster Recovery Time

Memory foam has a slow recovery time, which means that the sleep surface takes time to fill in when you change positions.

When you change positions on latex it fills back in instantly so moving around is not a problem.

Nobody Wants To Feel Like They’re Stuck In A Hole

Gel foam softens under a person’s body weight. The most common complaint about memory foam beds is that people will say, “It feels like I’m sleeping in a hole.”

Our latex mattresses are designed to support you above the sleep surface.

Latex Doesn’t Get Hot

When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, the memory foam warms to your body temperature.

Latex doesn’t get hot and we use Talalay latex because the air actually circulates through the latex to dissipate your body heat.