Fortegra Offers The Most Comprehensive Extended Warranty

Free 10 Year Extended Warranty With In-Home Parts & Labor

Because factory warranties have limitations, we include a supplemental 10 Year Parts & Labor Extended Warranty Policy from Fortegra with the purchase of your adjustable bed.

Fortegra’s Adjustable Bed Protection offers 10 Year Coverage on Parts and In-Home Labor with Factory Parts that are purchased directly from Leggett & Platt and Warranty Technicians from Leggett & Platt’s network of over 600 technicians throughout the United States.

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Leggett & Platt Factory Warranty

Leggett and Platt is a Fortune 500 company that has been in business since the 1880s. With over 30 years experience making adjustable beds, they’re the industry recognized leader for quality and customer service.

Leggett & Platt’s Factory Warranty is a limited warranty that offers full coverage and In-Home Labor and Parts for the first year. For the next two years, Leggett & Platt offers full coverage on parts but no Labor. The remainder of their warranty (20 years Prodigy Series / 15 years S-Cape Series) offers pro-rated coverage on parts.

Factory Warranties Have Limitations On Parts And Labor

Every company's warranty is a pro-rated warranty. Some companies may offer longer or shorter warranties, but if you read the fine print what is actually being covered drops off quickly.

You’ll notice that full coverage on parts and labor stops at some point within the first few years. Typically, labor will stop earlier than parts.

SureSleep by Fortegra 10 Year Extended Warranty

Fortegra’s Adjustable Bed Protection offers 10 Year Coverage on Parts and In-Home Labor with Factory Parts that are purchased directly from Leggett & Platt with Warranty Technicians from Leggett & Platt’s network of over 600 technicians throughout the United States.

SureSleep by Fortegra 10 Year Adjustable Bed Protection

Why You Can Trust Fortegra

The Reason Why We Purchase Fortegra

The reason why we offer adjustable base protection from Fortegra is the same reason why we only sell Leggett & Platt adjustable beds. We want to offer our customers the best and most reliable products and services.

Fortegra is part of a NASDAQ traded company who has been in business since 1978. Their SureSleep Adjustable Bed Protection Plan is just one of 50 insurance and warranty products offered by Fortegra. They are a company whose annual sales are nearly $1 Billion and they have over 10 Million Consumers who are protected by their products.

Why An Insurance Backed Plan Is Important

Rules regarding insurance backing are designed to protect the end consumer and vary from state to state. Fortegra’s protection is legal and compliant within all 50 states. To have an insurance-backed, compliant program affords the customer the following:

a. Protection no matter what happens to the dealer or warranty administrator.

b. The programs are governed by the Departments of Insurance in each state. The consumers have an escalation path through the state if ever necessary.

c. The customer is protected up to the retail purchase price of the item being protected. If Fortegra goes out of business, the customer is still afforded protection up to the purchase price of the Leggett & Platt base.

Your Adjustable Base Is Fully Insured For The Amount That You Paid

If Fortegra were to go out of business, you are still afforded protection up to the purchase price that you paid for the adjustable bed because Fortegra’s extended warranty contract policy is insured. Because Fortegra is offering an insurance-backed extended warranty contract, it is legally required that Fortegra set aside money for future claims on every contract that they sell.

There’s a lot of good information and websites online, but unfortunately some companies make false claims. Our customers have asked about a company that claims that extended warranty coverage is only insured for “initial cash value” of the warranty contract. While we can’t speak for all companies, this is simply not true with Fortegra’s insurance backed policy.

For example, if the Leggett & Platt base that you purchased costs $1499, the insurance on your contract guarantees your coverage of up to $1499 even if Fortegra goes out of business.

Fortegra Works Together With Leggett & Platt’s Warranty & Parts Department:

Warranty claims with Fortegra are simple. If something on your base breaks, Fortegra calls Leggett & Platt’s Warranty & Parts department and buys the part directly from them. Leggett & Platt has a database of over 600 trained technicians in the United States. Fortegra will also ask Leggett & Platt to search their database for the preferred warranty technician in your area.

Some Extended Warranties Are More Inclusive Than Others:

With Fortegra, if anything breaks within the first 10 Years, you don’t have to spend a dime on Parts or Labor.

One of the most commonly replaced parts on an adjustable base is the remote control. When you call Leggett & Platt to purchase a new remote, the retail cost for a remote, depending on the model, is around $40 to $75 plus shipping & tax.

While replacing a remote doesn’t require labor, power surges and other electrical and mechanical failures do. If you were to contact one of Leggett & Platt’s factory trained field technicians, the costs for their service ranges from $100 to $150 for a visit.

Some companies only offer coverage on the electrical components and exclude coverage on remote controls, power surges, and labor. The out-of-pocket costs for some of the most common and expensive short-term problems would then be your responsibility.

Why Fortegra’s Insurance-Backed Extended Warranty Is Different From Some Companies Who Offer Their Own Versions Of An Extended Warranty:

Insurance-backed extended warranties are legally binding contracts that are regulated in all 50 states.

In the case of a retail store offering their own version of an extended warranty, the consumer is taking a leap of faith that this individual will never go out of business and will always honor their word. These types of programs are not governed by the department of insurance in each state and consumers have very little recourse.

At first glance some of these policies may look rather impressive but with some perspective on who may be issuing this type of commitment and what they’re actually covering that perspective may change. You may want to ask yourself, does this store have hundreds of locations or is it a single location retail store with one owner who could close for any reason? You would also want to study the exclusions and be wary if they’re not covering things like labor or remote controls.

In The Unlikely Event That Leggett & Platt Goes Out Of Business, Fortegra’s Policy Guarantees Coverage For 10 Years:

Aside from Leggett & Platt’s impeccable reputation, there are many reasons to buy one of their bases. Leggett & Platt is a Fortune 500 company that has been in business since the 1880s. After being in business for well over 100 years, it’s highly unlikely that they’re going out of business.

For arguments sake, let’s just say that Leggett & Platt goes out of business. Fortegra still has to provide parts and labor for the remainder of your policy. All insurance-backed extended warranty contracts, no matter what kind of product they’re covering whether it be a dishwasher, refrigerator, or adjustable base, will have a line that allows for exclusions to factory parts.

This language becomes relevant in the unlikely event that Leggett & Platt goes out of business. There are two reasons why all extended warranty contracts use this language:

1. Not all manufacturers have a dedicated warranty & parts department, like Leggett & Platt, where replacement parts are readily available for a discounted price.

2. If Leggett & Platt went out of business, Fortegra would attempt to source parts directly from the company who originally manufactured the part for Leggett & Platt.

Fortegra’s policy is supplementing Leggett & Platt’s factory warranty, so Fortegra buys parts directly from Leggett & Platt at a discounted rate because the factory warranty covers parts at a pro-rated price in years 3 through 20.