Why We Don’t Buy Mattress “Rankings”

There’s A Difference Between “Expert Reviews & Rankings” and Honest Reviews

What very few people realize is that most online buying guides and reviews are getting paid commissions. Searching online for honest mattress reviews and expert opinions is almost impossible because almost everyone is getting paid to publish content and give referrals.

Instead of buying rankings and ratings, we try to provide the best service and materials and let our reputation speak for itself.

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Bed-In-A-Box Brands Pay Up to 25% Commissions For “Expert Reviews” and “Rankings”

People have always hated the experience of shopping for a mattress. The big mattress manufacturers label identical mattresses with different names for individual stores, which makes comparison shopping nearly impossible.

Shopping for a mattress has always been a tricky experience because most of the industry was designed to keep customers in the dark. The retail mattress stores tend to mark up the price of a mattress by a multiple of 4 and then they tell you that they’ll sell it to you for 1/2 price. Whether or not you pay the lowest possible price is questionable.

In order to get a better understanding before making a purchase some people turn to mattress review sites. Mattress review websites come with an entirely different set of risks. Most people tend to believe that these websites provide an unbiased expert’s opinion. What people don’t realize is that, for the most part, the review sites maintain lucrative partnerships with the mattress companies.

The average commission agreement between the mattress review websites and the mattress brands is around 10% commission per sale. Some brands pay commission rates of up to 25%.

Take The Time To Find Disclosures

By law, the mattress review sites have to disclose their affiliate relations, which simply means that they have to write about it somewhere on their website. In most cases these affiliate disclosures are very difficult to locate.

You can find them on most sites by scrolling all of the way to the bottom of the page and looking for the “Disclosure” link. Sometimes these sites put the link on a background that has similar color as the font, which creates an effect like camouflage. On other websites they don’t use “Disclosure” pages, but you can sometimes find this information on their “About Us” page.

Very few things in the mattress industry shock us anymore, but when we started reading the disclosures one thing that really stood out was that some of the bigger bed-in-box brands actually have ownership stakes in some of the mattress review websites!

People Eventually Pay The Price For Misleading Sales Tactics

We’ve been selling mattresses online since 2005 and we’ve seen more companies disappear than you can imagine. In April, one of these mattress brands took down their website and removed all of their products from Amazon. This company made bold claims about the quality of their product and they seemed to back it up with a 365 day return policy and 10 Year Warranty.

Since this company went out of business so recently, we can direct you to a number of mattress review sites that still promote this brand. We can also direct you to videos and other content put up by influencers.

These brands are paying big money to these review sites, bloggers, and other social media influencers so that most internet searches result in finding what these companies want you to see. The problem for consumers is that paid exposure tends to drown out the actual experiences of the people who aren’t having good experiences with these companies.

If you look at the customer complaints on the BBB pages for some of these companies you’d see that a number of brands aren’t even honoring their return policies. You can probably start to imagine what will happen in a few years as the materials in their mattresses start to break down.

Learning How To Recognize Review Sites

Some of these reviewers are making several hundred thousand dollars per year through these partnerships. The easiest way to tell if a mattress review site has a commission agreement with the mattress brands is if they provide links to the mattress websites that they review. Once you click through on one of these links you will notice a very long URL in the Address Bar on your internet browser that has a code and a number. That code simply means that the review site is getting paid a commission on your purchase.

Other websites provide direct links to products on Amazon. This is a little bit different but these websites are getting paid to promote products through Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program.

Some of the products that are promoted by the reviews sites are made with inferior materials that may feel comfortable for a while, but aren’t very durable. If you don't want to get into the habit of buying a new mattress every 3-5 years there are a number of other things not covered by these review sites to take into account.