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Up To 8lb HD Memory Foam


Phase Change Materials For Superior Cooling

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Reason 1: The Quality Of The Memory Foam Impacts How Long A Mattress Will Last

Be Wary Of Gel And The Memory Foam That It’s Mixed Into:

Gel mattresses are typically softer because they only feature memory foam that is 4lb density and below. Soft memory foam will get increasingly softer over time. The softer that it gets the less support that the mattress will provide.

When buying a memory foam mattress, the first thing that a person needs to understand is the density of the memory foam layers. Most gel mattress sellers tend to leave out the density of the memory foam from their descriptions. This is a huge red flag. They often do so because they’re selling an inferior product.

The cheapest way to add gel to a mattress is to mix gel directly into memory foam. Manufacturers typically mix in a small amount of gel into a lower-density (4lb or below) memory foam. This enables companies a cheap and easy way to market their beds as gel. These lower density memory foams and fillers tend to break down much faster.

Our Beds Feature Up To An 8lb Memory Foam:

Instead of using marketing tactics promoting gel memory foam, a product whose durability is untested over time, we use superior quality memory foam to make mattresses that provide more support and last longer.

Instead of using marketing tactics promoting gel memory foam, a product whose durability is extremely questionable, we use superior quality memory foam to make mattresses that provide more support and last longer.




Reason 2: Phase Changed Materials in Our Cover Are Guaranteed Cooler Than Gel Or Your Money Back

Why Phase Change Materials Are More Effective For Regulating Temperature And Moisture Than Gel:

Heat and moisture accumulate near a person's body, so we designed our Cooling System to reduce the buildup of heat and moisture exactly where warming would occur. Our mattress covers feature Phase Change Materials that actually feel cool to the touch. In addition, Phase Change Materials wick away moisture. This technology provides tangible effects that help to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Other Companies Claim To Resolve The Heat Issue With Gel, But We Think That This Is Often Misleading:

It is true that when gel comes into direct contact with skin it can have a cooling effect. The cooling effect of gel that is inside of a mattress is questionable because a person’s body does not come into contact with the gel. The gel is often buried beneath the surface of the mattress. Additionally, gel does nothing to address the issue of moisture, which is a direct by-product of a person’s body feeling warm.

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Reason 3: Never Compressed, Never Compromised

Ships Flat

There are a number of ways that companies cut costs, but we refuse to compromise. Many people unsuspectingly order compressed foam mattresses. These mattresses are compacted for extended periods of time, which puts stress on the materials.

In the short term, some of these mattresses don’t fully decompress. They may remain curled up at the ends or have irregularities in the foam that become noticeable beneath a person's bodyweight.

Long term problems are more likely because of the additional stress that was put on the beds when they were compressed.

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Reason 4: Family Owned and Operated

Atlantic Beds is a third-generation family-owned-and-operated company who has the integrity and the experience to assure that you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. We’ve been selling online since 2004. At the core of Atlantic Beds is a father and three brother's commitment to our customers.

We understand that a quality product depends primarily on materials and workmanship. Other companies talk a lot about luxury and quality, but their promises fall short of what Atlantic Beds delivers.

Our mattresses are proudly Made In The USA with American made memory foam.

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