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Some Return Policies Are Misleading

Some Companies Roll Up Their Beds

Some Manufacturers Cut Corners

Rule 1: Is The In-Home Trial Risk Free?

How To Spot A Scam:

Some companies don’t clearly state how much it costs to return their mattresses. In some cases, these companies do not allow their customers to return their mattresses. In other cases, the cost for returns can be upwards of $500.

Many companies send their customers vacuum compressed mattresses (like in the video shown above). If a company is using UPS or FedEx to ship their mattresses, their mattresses are compressed.

Once their compressed mattresses are opened, they need to be returned with a freight company. In addition, these companies don't supply their customers with packaging materials.

How To Avoid The Risk:

To avoid the risks of most company's return policies, ask these questions up front:

• Do you have a return policy?

• Exactly how much will it cost to return the mattress?


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Rule 2: Rolled-Up Mattresses

What To Look Out For:

Many people unsuspectingly order rolled-up foam mattresses. Some companies tightly roll up their beds to squeeze them into tiny boxes. These mattresses remain compressed for extended periods of time, which puts stress on the materials.

The Potential Problems:

In the short term, some of these mattresses don’t fully decompress. They may remain curled up at the ends or have irregularities in the foam that become noticeable beneath a person's bodyweight. Long term problems are more likely because of the additional stress that was put on the beds when they were compressed.


Rule 3: Component Mattresses

How To Spot A Component Mattress:

Many websites selling latex mattresses are sending people individual pieces of latex that customers assemble in their homes as component mattresses. If a website tells you that you can swap layers in and out of a mattress, then they’re selling you individual components that are not laminated together.

The Continuous Need To Be Readjusted:

A 6 inch thick queen size latex layer typically weighs over 100lbs. Even a twin size layer weighs around 75lbs. Not only is latex heavy, but it is very bendable, which makes trying to stuff these layers inside of zippered mattress covers and stack the different layers evenly an extremely difficult task.

The layers aren’t laminated so there’s nothing to hold them together in place. Component mattresses often have to be adjusted and readjusted as the layers shift. Can you imagine the effects of a component mattress when used on an adjustable base?


Rule 4: The Implied Cooling Benefits Of Gel Memory Foam Are Often Misleading

What Is Misleading:

Just because a company uses gel in their mattresses doesn’t mean that the gel is going to be used effectively. The problem with most company’s gel mattresses is that their implied benefits are often misleading.

The cooling properties of gel memory foam are most effective when it comes into direct contact with the skin. The way that gel memory foam is being used in most mattresses has very little if any advantage over memory foam without gel.

Most companies are mixing gel directly into their memory foam. They mix a very small amount of gel and this gets distributed into a memory foam core that is a few inches thick. When the gel is mixed into a few inches of memory foam it is less effective. The cooling benefits are very limited because the majority of the gel is well below the sleep surface. The gel is buried in memory foam that is away from people’s skin where the gel would be most effective.

Our Smart Latex Mattresses Will Never Get Hot:

Our Smart Latex formula doesn’t respond to temperature like memory foam, so it doesn’t get warmer with body temperature. Our Smart Latex is Thermo Neutral, which means that it doesn’t warm to body temperature like memory foam. If you’re worried about heat, you’ll never get hot on our latex beds.


Rule 5: Our Smart Latex Offers Faster Recover Time & More Support

What You Need To Know:

Heavier people and older people typically prefer the supportive feeling of latex versus the sinking feeling of memory foam. The most common complaint about memory foam beds is that people will say, “It feels like I’m sleeping in a hole.”

A memory foam mattress gets softer under a person’s body weight and body temperature. Memory foam also has a slow recovery time, which means that the sleep surface takes time to fill in when a person changes positions.

The Solution:

Our Smart Latex formula doesn’t respond to weight and temperature like memory foam. It doesn’t get softer under a person’s body weight or warmer with body temperature. Instead of sinking down into the sleep surface, our Smart Latex is designed to support a person’s body weight above the surface. Our Smart Latex is Thermo Neutral, which means that it doesn’t warm to body temperature like memory foam. If you’re worried about heat, you’ll never get hot on our latex beds.

When you change positions our Smart Latex fills back in instantly versus the slow recovery time of memory foam, which takes longer to fill back in.



What Is Being Concealed:

Many of the same companies selling compressed mattresses also sell do-it-yourself foundations. These foundations are packaged in small boxes with a number of nuts, bolts, and other materials that require assembly.

What You Need To Know:

The quality of these foundations is often inferior.


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