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Insignia Plus

Cool-To-Touch Gel


Adjustable Bases


Insignia Mattress

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   Prodigy Base

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Insignia Plus Cool-To-Touch Gel Cylinders


Insignia Plus Cool-To-Touch


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There are 4 reasons why our Smart Latex Beds are better. Follow this link to read our:

Smart Latex Benefits.


Benefits and Description of the Insignia Plus Cool-To-Touch

• The Insignia has a comfortable firm feeling that provides optimal support.

• The Insignia features seven inches of Smart Latex for better support and cooler comfort.

• Our Insignia Plus Mattress features all of the advantages of our regular Insignia, and it adds our Cool-To-Touch Gel Columns.

• This mattress can be used with an adjustable base.

Learn More About The Insignia Adjustable Bed

Smart Latex
7 inches of Smart Latex provide optimal support & cooler comfort.

Cool-To-Touch Gel Columns
Designed to keep you cool and comfy.

Smart Latex
No Sink Design

Designed to keep you above the surface so you don’t get that sinking feeling.


Superior Cooling
Air channels in the Smart Latex keep you cool while you sleep

Soy-Based Ortho Support Layers
Your back and hips need the right support for better alignment.

Latex Mattresses from Atlantic Beds

Insignia Plus Cool-To-Touch

The Insignia has a comfortable firm feeling that provides optimal support. We recommend the Insignia for people with back problems who need a little extra support.

The Insignia features six inches of Smart Latex, which is made with the sap from rubber trees. Higher quality construction and smarter materials help you to sleep better for longer. Our Smart Latex provides better support and cooler comfort. It is exceptionally resilient and always retains its shape.

Our Gel Cylinders offer more consistency than Particle Gel Mix-Ins. Our Cool-To-Touch Gel Cylinders are spread evenly across the entire sleep surface. This is a more expensive method for adding gel, but our goal is to make mattresses that are more comfortable and last longer.



Cool-To-Touch Gel Columns

Most Companies Are Mixing Gel Particles Into Their Mattresses:

Just because a company uses gel in their mattresses doesn’t mean that the gel is going to be used effectively. When gel comes into direct contact with skin it can have a cooling effect, but the problem is that the majority of the gel in most company’s mattresses gets spread throughout the memory foam layer.

Most companies are mixing gel particles directly into their memory foam. They mix a small amount of gel and this gets distributed unevenly into a memory foam core that is a few inches thick. This can create concentrations of gel in some areas and very little gel in other areas. The result is inconsistencies in the feeling and long-term durability of mattress.

Why Our Cool-To-Touch Gel Cylinders Are Better:

Our Gel Cylinders offer more consistency than Gel Mix-Ins. Our Cool-To-Touch Gel Cylinders are spread evenly across the entire sleep surface. This is a more expensive method for adding gel, but our goal is to make mattresses that are more comfortable and last longer.


Our Mattresses Are Shipped Fully Assembled

Many websites selling latex mattresses are sending people individual pieces of latex that customers assemble in their homes as component mattresses. If a website tells you that you can swap layers in and out of a mattress, then they’re selling you individual components that are not laminated together.

A 6 inch thick queen size latex layer typically weighs over 100lbs. Even a twin size layer weighs around 75lbs. Not only is latex heavy, but it is very bendable, which makes trying to stuff these layers inside of zippered mattress covers and stack the different layers evenly an extremely difficult task.

The layers aren’t laminated so there’s nothing to hold them together in place. Component mattresses often have to be adjusted and readjusted as the layers shift. Can you imagine the effects of a component mattress when used on an adjustable base?

Smart Latex

Our Smart Latex Provides Better Support & Cooler Comfort

Heavier people and older people typically prefer the supportive feeling of latex versus the sinking feeling of memory foam. The most common complaint about memory foam beds is that people will say, “It feels like I’m sleeping in a hole.”

Our Smart Latex formula doesn’t respond to weight and temperature like memory foam, so it doesn’t get softer under a person’s body weight or warmer with body temperature. Instead of sinking down into the sleep surface, our Smart Latex is designed to support a person’s body weight above the surface. Our Smart Latex is Thermo Neutral, which means that it doesn’t warm to body temperature like memory foam. If you’re worried about heat, you’ll never get hot on our latex beds.

When you change positions our Smart Latex fills back in instantly versus the slow recovery time of memory foam, which takes longer to fill back in.

What Other Customers Are Saying About The Insignia Mattress

My Insignia mattress arrived yesterday in perfect condition, and I feel like a new man today. After just one night of sleep, I'm about ready to trash the box it came in, as I sincerely doubt that I'll be sending this mattress back to you. Thanks for your great service.

Wayne’s Follow Up E-mail After The 2nd Night:

Michael, Night 2 was even better. The return shipping box will be trashed today. Please feel free to use my name and review as a reference for your future customers.

Wayne F.
Belton, TX
Insignia Mattress


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