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Some Return Policies Are Misleading

Some Companies Roll Up Their Beds

Some Manufacturers Cut Corners



Some Websites Make Their Customers Responsible For Buying Packaging Materials & Paying Return Shipping:

Some websites return policies take advantage of unknowing customers. These websites make returning their mattresses almost impossible. Their customers are responsible for buying packaging materials and paying the freight charges.

Many companies send their customers compressed mattresses (like in the video shown above). If a company is using UPS or FedEx to ship, this means that they are selling compressed mattresses.

Once their compressed mattresses are opened in the customer’s home, the mattresses will no longer fit back into a small box. Because any size mattress (twin, full, queen, or king) is larger than the size restrictions for shipping a package with UPS or FedEx, the only way to return an unwanted mattress is with a freight company.

Most people don’t realize that the combined costs for packaging materials and freight charges can easily total upwards of $500.

How To Avoid The Risk:

To avoid the risks of most company's return policies, ask these questions up front:

• Do you have a return policy?
• Exactly how much will it cost to return the mattress?
• Is there a period of time that someone needs to keep a mattress before it can be returned?


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Why Gel Mattresses Tend To Be Soft

Gel mattresses are typically softer than most memory foam mattresses because they only feature memory foam that is 4lb density and below. The softer that the memory foam is, the more that it’s going to sink down underneath of a person’s body weight. The most common complaint for soft beds is that they provide less support. For heavier people this often creates a hammock effect which makes them feel like they’re down in a hole.

The Long-Term Risk Of Softer Foam

Lower-density foams are softer because they have more air in them. The more air that the foam has, the faster that it will break down. A 3lb memory foam is softer than a 4lb memory foam and a 4lb memory foam is softer than a 5lb memory foam and so on.
Soft memory foam will get increasingly softer over time. The softer that the foam gets, the less support that the mattress will provide. To understand the risks of buying a gel mattress, a person needs to understand that gel is being added to lower density foam products that may not hold their shape over time and daily use.

Our Beds Feature Up To An 8lb Memory Foam

Atlantic Beds memory foam mattresses use superior quality memory foam to make mattresses that provide more support and last longer.


What To Look Out For:

Many people unsuspectingly order rolled-up foam mattresses. Some companies tightly roll up their beds to squeeze them into tiny boxes. These mattresses remain compressed for extended periods of time, which puts stress on the materials.

The Potential Problems:

In the short term, some of these mattresses don’t fully decompress. They may remain curled up at the ends or have irregularities in the foam that become noticeable beneath a person's bodyweight. Long term problems are more likely because of the additional stress that was put on the beds when they were compressed.



How To Spot A Component Mattress:

Many websites selling latex mattresses are sending people individual pieces of latex that customers assemble in their homes as component mattresses. If a website tells you that you can swap layers in and out of a mattress, then they’re selling you individual components that are not laminated together.

The Continuous Need To Be Readjusted:

A 6 inch thick queen size latex layer typically weighs over 100lbs. Even a twin size layer weighs around 75lbs. Not only is latex heavy, but it is very bendable, which makes trying to stuff these layers inside of zippered mattress covers and stack the different layers evenly an extremely difficult task.

The layers aren’t laminated so there’s nothing to hold them together in place. Component mattresses often have to be adjusted and readjusted as the layers shift. Can you imagine the effects of a component mattress when used on an adjustable base?

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Some Comparisons Are Misleading:

The overall height of a foam mattress should never be used as a basis for comparison. The comparison needs to be based on the actual amount and density of the memory foam.

What Is At Stake:

Many companies substitute less expensive materials to increase the height of their mattresses. These lower density memory foams and fillers tend to break down much faster.


Some Companies Conceal Imported Foam:

Companies who sell imported foam rarely reveal where their foam is made. The most common mistake that people make is accidentally buying memory foam that is made in China.

Initially, imported beds may look and feel the same, but differences in the quality may be evident in the first six to eighteen months. As the foam breaks down, the bed gets softer and people complain that it feels like they're sleeping in a hole.

Importers bring in both fully assembled mattresses and sheets of foam called cores. The companies who import foam cores often give video tours and show pictures of their factories on their websites so that people assume that the foam is American made.

They’re careful to use phrases like:

• Crafted In America
• Assembled In America
• Manufactured In America
• American Components

How To Avoid The Risks:

You need to ask specifically, in what country is the memory foam made?

These companies don't own overseas factories where they can control the quality. Importers choose factories based on the cheapest price.

To remain competitive, some factories cut corners. Memory foam is sold by weight and it's possible to use fillers to increase the weight. Like other Chinese products, importers don't know what materials or chemicals a factory substitutes.


Our Mattresses Are Proudly Made In The USA



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