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2-Sided Construction

Better Than A Pillowtop

Risk-Free Returns



RULE 1: What Retail Stores Don't Want You To Know

Last decade, the mattress industry realized that it was cheaper to build one-sided innerspring mattresses than two-sided innerspring mattresses. Originally, this was done to save money on material costs.

The advent of these mattresses decreased manufacturing costs by up to 30%, but consumer prices didn't go down.

Major manufacturers won't switch back to making two-sided mattresses because retail stores won't sell two-sided mattresses.

Retailers won't sell two-sided mattresses because customers would stop buying the more profitable one-sided mattresses.





RULE 2: Innerspring Mattresses Should Be Two-Sided

Specialty mattresses like Memory Foam and Latex are designed to be one-sided, because these materials always return back to the same shape.

Innerspring mattresses should always be two-sided because they're made with upholstery and quilting. Over time, these materials flatten.

Two-sided innerspring mattresses stay comfortable for longer because they can be flipped. The upholstery and quilting on the bottom side of the mattress gets to relax and restore when it's flipped. When it comes back to the top surface it's nearly as comfortable as when you first got it.



RULE 3: Body Impressions Are More Likely In A Pillowtop

People often assume that pillowtop mattresses are better. Pillowtop innerspring mattresses have a higher risk for body impressions.

Pillowtop mattresses, on average, weigh significantly less than two-sided mattresses, because they’re padded with upholstery to make them thicker.

Most spring units used on the inside of mattresses are only 6 inches thick. Everything else on the inside of an innerspring mattress is upholstery and quilting that is added on top of the springs. Body impressions are the result of the upholstery flattening. Because one-sided innerspring mattresses cannot be flipped, they often wear out within a few years.




How To Spot A Scam:

Some companies don’t clearly state how much it costs to return their mattresses. In some cases, these companies do not allow their customers to return their mattresses. In other cases, the cost for returns can be upwards of $500.

Many companies send their customers vacuum compressed mattresses (like in the video shown above). If a company is using UPS or FedEx to ship their mattresses, their mattresses are compressed.

Once their compressed mattresses are opened, they need to be returned with a freight company. In addition, these companies don't supply their customers with packaging materials.

How To Avoid The Risk:

To avoid the risks of most company's return policies, ask these questions up front:

• Do you have a return policy?
• Exactly how much will it cost to return the mattress?


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